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2013-07-02 22:55:29 (UTC)

Mediation Starts

Started Financial Mediation and I feel so let down and sad about the whole thing.

We had to reveal our current financial situation and She has enough money to keep afloat for years while I am in debt – a lot of the money she has is supposedly her income she saved over the years for our rainy day as I paid most of the bills and a large chunk of my debt was incurred through our agreed investments….quite sad that she didn’t deem it good enough to walk away with such a balance but thought she has to pursue me for funds I spent without her consent like re-mortgaging the house and selling an investment. I can see the disappointment and how she may feel because of what I did (which was wrong) but I struggle to understand the depth she is prepared to go to, to get ‘what is hers’ as she says…I barely recognise her. When we take into account the cash she has and all the money I lost in our agreed investments it will more or less balance out the sale of property and re-mortgage I did. This is quite clear without going into the mathematical details….but unfortunately she is a very selfish person and sometimes your selfishness dominates all other reasoning.

I am calm and copying well and just taking my time to see this through and the inevitable physical separation and living apart. My foremost thoughts are with my children. Beyond that I will move mountains to get my act together and live a fulfilled life afterwards.