my friend ana
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2013-07-02 15:31:49 (UTC)

results of day 9/ scared

after i told my mom i restrict
i was getting a headache
becuz i hadn't even eat 430 calories
and it was like 10 oclock
so i got the sandwich
i did't eat on sunday
someone had eaten most of it (a family member)
it was bareley anything
i still ate under 500 calories
like in my diet
i always thought i could stop when i wanted
but i think i got anorexia
instead of being pro ana
becuz i don't want to eat
and it 11:34 a.m.
almost 12
i'm so scared
i don't want to stop
but i need to
and i think i'm anorexic
i'm still thinking
"oh how many calories r in this?"
u kno
i lost 2 more pounds i'm 136
i'm so happy i don't want to eat normally today
idk what to do
my mom has to work alot today
i'll tell her what i think
(i think i'm anorexic)
i'm so scared
i don't want to end up in a hospital
or in a place where they weigh u every day
and watch u eat
i'm so scared :'(

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