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2013-07-02 02:21:29 (UTC)

Love Life and opinions

Dear Diary,
Being 15 shouldn't mean I have a really big love life and I don't really. I don't have a boyfriend or anything but I do have crushes here and there which is pretty normal for a girl my age. I liked this guy and had a few things happen with him and I. Not too much I mean I'm still young and have a lot more people to run into in my lifetime. Well, I talked to him almost everyday this summer, except for yesterday and today. I don't want to go and fall for guys all the time as most of my friends do. I learn from their boy problems so why do I need my own? I call this a "man diet" or in my case a "boy diet" haha. When I don't start the conversations and don't try to talk to a guy, I feel like I've succeeded a lot more than an average girl. There should be an award for being a virgin and my age. I mean I don't blame girls for having sex so early, guys are like forbidden fruit. Our parents tell us that they are nasty, disgusting, and just a danger zone. When we grow up and hormones start to kick we think of guys as amazing, funny, and handsome people. It's kind of sad but that's what most girls like. Then there are the girls that are lesbians like most of my friends. I wonder why I have a lot of lesbian friends when I'm not. Maybe it's because I know that they won't ever take my boyfriend from me and I can probably help them with their girl problems. Can I just have a life with no boy problems, no family problems and no any problems? If that happened then my life would be pretty boring huh? I sure as hell wouldn't be writing in this diary if I had no problems but I'm here and writing and having problems everyday of my life. This is just the life worth living I guess... Till next time bye