my friend ana
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2013-07-01 20:31:13 (UTC)

"on to me"

i think my brother's "on to me"
he came into my room with a plate of fries
and he kept asking me if i wanted some
i said no
then he just held the plate in front of me
then he put a fry next to me
and said just in case
then left
how the heck does he know !?!?!?


i hope no one saw my cuts

i think my mom is "on to me" too
she came in when i was sleeping
and asked me y
i said cuz i stayed up too late
( i was sleeping to burn calories u burn like 60 an hour)
and she asked y
i just said cuz i always do
and she'd been asking me
r u ok? alot

i cut again like 6 times

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