2013-07-01 06:52:29 (UTC)

6/30/13 Sun

all good until we went to bed. i was asking what happend between him and the ex--if he cheated on him or she was, why they break up. then he asked if i had sex with anyone, stupid me, told him just 2, jack and the other. then he got pissed. kicked me out of bed. i was gonna sleep on couch but so uncomfortable and why is he getting pissed? we werent together. i didn't cheat on him! went back to bedroom, talked to him. finally got into bed. he fucked me, i didn't even make a sound, was still pissed.

he is going to portland. i stayed in bed until 5pm. heat up hotpot. decided to stay up all night and go do things tmrw and go to sleep early. watching the taiwan show 女人我最大。called for dad's birthday. asked hubian to take dad out but i think he doesn't want go. calculated this month's expense, he owes me a thousand something again, total almost 47000. hopefully he will pay me back soon and let me live some good life, make it worth my troubles with him

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