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2013-07-01 17:12:14 (UTC)


well, celebration time is over. we lost the U12's 1-0 yesterday, but won U17's 3-1, won B's 6-1, and won A's 1-0 all against Inter whom are our arch-rivals. so it was a pretty great day apart from all the rain. our fridge back at the club had died during the week so instead of everyone going back there to celebrate we all just went to the Commersh and had tea/beers. the captains of the club even went across to see Mr.Thomas who is an icon of Apollo, and now lives in Resthaven which is kinda like a hospital. he's deteriorated pretty badly.. and couldn't even speak which was sad. it doesn't even feel like that long ago that he was first diagnosed with having a brain tumour. it really was sad to see him like that.. but there's nothing anyone can do. nonetheless it was a good night, with good people. giz steve jono and myself came back to mine and kept drinking after the pub closed. found out this morning that my mother/simsy/steve had conspired to write crap on my facebook wall haha, slightly embarrassing. and steve flew off to Europe for his adventure today. hope he has a ripper of a time. focusing on soccer for the day took my mind off Claire for a short period of time, but it still found it's way back to her. I told brett and frui that I did actually go to kiwi land to visit Claire as well, got tired of denying it every Tuesday and Friday night at training ha. it's strange though, because I can't help but read back over our messages, or look at a picture of her.. just to I dunno. get my Claire fix? she really does have some kind of control over me, maybe she's a wizard.. haha, but I really do feel like I would do anything for her. she's pretty special.