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2013-06-28 10:09:44 (UTC)

6/27/13 Thurs

mad at him not returning texts and not picking up calls after 3am. his fd picked up but i yelled at him too. at least he is at apartment. he came home after. bitched at him but he just went to sleep.

was supposed to go bestbuy at 10 but didn't go to sleep until 9, watching youtube. been obsessed watching the beauty and bags videos.

got up, he mentioned he was going to fremont, got mad. good he didn't go. had state farm tolled the car, finally. bestbuy picked up laptop. bank to deposit J's 5000 and his 6000. office setting up the new laptop but had problem with installing printer. had our first doggie sex at the desk. had to leave it like that hopefully Jose can fix it.

home heat up Sha leftover. he left at 10 to go apartment again, well, he claims. i have tons of things to do online but i just don't like being alone. it's 3:30. he never comes home before 4.