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2013-06-27 09:03:36 (UTC)

6/26/13 Wed

he was at casino whole night. came home at 7am with Md breakfast. bitched at him for a while. he went to sleep like always.

he went to work. i got up at 4. need to go bestbuy to pickup laptop Yung ordered from Houston bestbuy. my broken laptop is not working :p now i have 3 laptop to be fixed--should just bring back and have xiao zhao fix it. otherwise prob not worth it.

got ready, looking good really makes me feel good even though it takes a long time to get out the house everyday.

Bestbuy couldn't pick up b/c my name is not there. have to come back tmrw. Marina bought my cook stuffs and drinks. was craving for hotpot but he said just get new china so i ordered sha bistro togo.

home he didn't even eat much, what does he eat everyday? prob just a pho or a rice dish or something simple. he doesn't care about food, just gamble. went to apartment again to gamble. well, whatever he does, as long as i get my 10000 every month.

shower, watch the Chinese story show.