2013-06-25 09:53:25 (UTC)

6/25/13 Tue

last night he was out, i got pissed at him not replying texts or picking up calls. went over to Fremont but no one is there like last time.

cried and yelled at him on wechat. he replied. came home. i was bitching and he just ignored me.

finally went to sleep. he went to work. around 7, he asked me if go eat with him and bunch of ppl. of course i won't. especially i already made dinner plan with phil. craving for hot pot.

went out he doesn't even know. after dinner went to pm. got uncomfortable and got bored so left.

home thought he will be home soon. but when i text or call him, no reply. then he text back: u move or i move? i'm shocked again. how can he be so cold hearted and how can he be so diff in a few hours? i think i prob gonna get back with phil.

got up at 4 today. phil asked me to go eat. of course i wanted to go. he is not gonna come home until 3 or 4 or 5 or never again. big mistake, should have either ask him or just don't tell him at all. left house at 6. in outback, i text him i go eat. he got so mad, thinking i was lying to him or cheating on him. told me to get out myself or he will break all my things and throw me out. fucking this all over again. i don't know how many more times he is gonna go crazy. this time, his words are even 毒辣。like i played u and got bored and now i'm dumping u, etc. couldn't even start eating my ribs, rushed home. he is not home, trying to think how to deal with him and calm him down this time.

he came home around 9. i explained, he checked my online call history and trying to find evidence. but of course nothing because i'm really not cheating on him. he could only say why i talk to Phil everyday for so long. my god, this kid is...speechless.

like i said to myself before, i can't be immature like him, after all the shit i've been through, i need to get my money back and have him support me for now, at least until my citizenship gets here. most importantly, my 50000 back.

he left to play mj. at least he is not mad anymore, believed me