The Real Me
2013-06-22 23:46:02 (UTC)

More thoughts

I was thinking about 2 things.

The first know when your life is sort of stable and your just content, like you have a routine you go along with it and everythings dandy, you dont think too much, or wander or feel the need to want more at that specific point, like life is just going on. But then something or someone walks into your life and it can be anything and suddenly you feel this sort of excitement/hapiness...just something,...your life is even better now, something youve never felt before, like your more than content. But then when it gets taken away, and your back to your normal routine, everything feels missing like...once you got a taster of that other feeling you cant go back to your old ways, you no longer see the enjoyment in what you used to do or how your life has been for god knows how many years and there is no contentness left....I find it so intresting and scary at the same time...that one second, one moment, one person. one thing can change your entire perspective on life.

The second thought ive forgotten. =/