The Real Me
2013-06-21 19:38:58 (UTC)

Gym, body and Hotness?

Hehehehe my body is getting toned. I did four hours of gym yesterday which feels damn near awesome. Ive been getting alot of attention at the gym. The fitness intructors are just so damn nice (the girls I mean...well the guys are too) but yes I just click with everyone there...we did all these workouts, and they always make the gym so fun with these little games and competitions, that even though I suck at and always always literally the last person to finish I always participate, mainly coz they force me lol.

I dont mean to sound arrogant or vain but I have been getting alot and I mean ALOT of attention, its properly how Ive been applying my makeup...ive started making a little effort again after the ex..i mean I did stop dressing up, even bothering to look good but you know I try a little every now and then. I literally walk out and Im being chatted up continously...ive noticed people staring at me at the gym and asking me out. I dont mind them doing that at the gym I guess, its a nice boost for now.

So why WHY wont he aknowledge my existance? The one guys attention I want...yes its Anser the gym guy..Ok im not so hung up on him..but its so damn hard to breath everytime I see him because I get butterflies...ive been trying not to write about it..infact I havnt told anyone as Iknow they will think im stupid etc etc because hes a playaand not a man...but hes soooo soooo goodlooking..i just cant help but feel this instant chemistry...I am just drawn to him in every sense. He blows my damn mind. But I know im just has been a while..Anyways the guy he was training yesterday was hot too LOL. And we exchanged loads of looks...and heres the best part...infact the two guys he was training...were looking at me..and I know they were discussing me to HIM because I know Anser so well I can tell when hes talking about me he has that gay giggle.."like ohh noo you like her" ....hello? cumon they think im goodlooking why dont you?

Heres a thought...maybe because you act like a complete retard. You act like a fucking 5 year old. Did I mention that I fell of the weight machine and was hanging upside down...yep thats what he does to me. My life should be called AWKWARD.