My personal secrets
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2013-06-21 05:02:23 (UTC)

Today is the day

Hi my name is Alicia. I'm 17 years old I live in chino, California. I have great family by my side & a wonderful boyfriend who I love very much. So far my life sounds great well it's not! I keep so much inside that I learn to hide my feelings. I'm honestly bulimic I do this to lose weight to make myself feel better about my self. Idc anymore I'll do anything to lose weight. My boyfriend has never told me I had to lose weight but I think he wishes I was skinnier. I love him so much I don't want to lose him so I will lose the weight! I honestly never been this over weight. I have always been the same weight for three years but since I moved I gained so much! I hate myself I don't how my boyfriend loves me & wants to be w/ me. I wish I was the same weight i use to be because I was so much happier!