my friend ana
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2013-06-21 00:17:03 (UTC)


i've written way too much today
but i have to tell u guys
i lost 2 more pounds
i'm 136 now
i'm just sad becuz i know i'll crumble and eat on the beach trip
but i lost 5 already
i'm soooooo happy
i was set on going to the beach
and eating normally
becuz i don't have much will power
but idk
i went downstairs
i drank some water
then looked in the fridge
i said to myself
once on the lips always on the hips
then i went back upstairs
and weighed myself
i lost 5 pounds in 4 days
i had no idea
how fast this could work
i love it
i don't care that i'm hungry now
i'm 5 pounds thinner!!!!
my mom said she could tell
i had to lie and say
i was just eating healthy
ana is the better way to go
for me at least

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