my friend ana
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2013-06-20 13:27:01 (UTC)

calories 4

i've gained back one of the 3 pounds i lost i lost
so i'm coming up with a plan
i will eat 550 calories everyday
i know it's alot but i'm not good with will power
and so i will eat a serving size of cereal for breakfast 150 calories
and i try to wait to start eating around 11 or 12
becuz then i can start late then end early i don't know what other foods i will have yet but i'll edit this and write it down

9:58 150 calorie creal
2:02 46 calories of diced watermelon
over the course of the hours i ate
finished at 4:01 160 calories in peanuts
i can eat around 194 for the rest of the day i think i'm doing good

all right i did it again i'm changing it to 600
i didn't eat all of the peanuts anyways so that was more like 130 than 160
i redid the math and i can eat 246 more calories
4:56 190 calories worth of icecream

i don't need to eat anymore read my entry comfort

it's comforting me
to be hungry
i ate 516 calories and i feelgood feeling hungry :)

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