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2013-06-19 04:19:06 (UTC)

3/18/13 tues

Home unpack yesterday stuffs. Heat up tri tip. Shower. 5am he is not home. Why I still love him. I should remember how evil and heartless he is when he was throwing me on the floor and tried to hit me.
Go burlingame lawyer sign. Erick check navi. Phil pick me up. Bestbuy couldn't return cuz need original but extended one day have to come again. Afgan dinner. N returned. He was ok on texts. Thought we good now. Ulta target. Home before 12. He called but on phone he asked me again to change #. I was trying to talk but he got furious suddenly. Home packing my stuff again wont listen to me. I was just trying to get through his thick head this is not the way to handle things. Its my karma.