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2013-06-17 00:54:17 (UTC)

#3 My response to her act of letter #2


Monday, June 17, 2013

To tina and bob: << tyrannical parnets]

For the record what you do with Tyler and Kenzie with those horses is your deal, and wholly your deal, especially considering your lack of a responsibility to check with Jimmy or I before you started your whole deal with those horses. When you didn’t check with us first, you released Jimmy and I fully from any responsibility of having to have anything to do those horses, at your point to move forward with it anyway, you and bob assumed a full responsibility upon yourselves of everything and anything to do with those horses, and now after the fact you want to rape Jimmy and I to a circumstance, threaten us that responsibility comes before rights with our kids, and that you will take our kids away from us if we don’t submit to your abusive demands. Literally having written us a letter in framing us towards responsibility in which as to responsibility you don’t even practice yourselves… Filth and lies are refuge, which means you are digging you own graves.

Nothing of what you wrote in that letter is about Tyler and Kenzie. We have the right to our own lives and at what we say they are. Tyler and Kenzie love our days together, Tyler told me he loves it because he finally gets to fish, his passion for fishing has grown, apparently you can’t see that, and Kenzie said she likes the rest from being shuffled around all week, we have our own deal on ours days. As well I had already made them a promise this summer of a quality, and they agreed whole heartedly that we’d go on our days to the State Park Swimming/Fishing in them bringing their friends with us, and/or for just us to go with Tyler on the boat once he gets his Boaters License replaced, told him and Kenzie I’d pay for everything, we especially have already went and bought Kenzie a fishing pole, and Tyler an electric fishing knife, and me a saltwater fishing license as Kenzie didn’t need one, in us having already prepared in advance towards our own summer plans together, plus told’em we’d go to Shipwreck 1x before the summer is over, and now with your letter you have just crushed my promise and our plans in trying to make our summer your own… You are badly mistaken about the nature of what Tyler and Kenzie want, they dont know how to talk to you, all you do is go in circles. Your falling in a hole with your physical problems are not your right to make to be my problems, and then you suffer all of us. Since you have other options you say, I suggest you use them for the sake and consideration of all of us, especially considering you’re not thinking clearly about who's resposibility those horses really are.

What you are asking of me with these horses is not something I can afford, and keep the promises I already made. So it is not even an option, and your use of threat and force is not going to change anything. I am not going to break my promises to cater to your demands. They may be broke, but it won't be because I did it. For the record back in July of 2012 I couldn’t afford to take Tyler and Kenzie to Beamblossom's Horse Camp that week, Jimmy took them, and nobody Jimmy nor I was going to be restricted from seeing our kids back at that time. So if I wasn’t restricted by you back during that time from still seeing my kids, then what is your excuse today as to the difference with Jimmy and I as to why we won’t be able to see our kids otherwise if we don’t agree to your demands. It is because you are framing us, to punish us, so as for us to quit fighting for rights and give into your sick abusive ways.

And I see what you are doing with these horses and the increase of monies I just got. And is for you to decide for yourself the fashion in which it will be spent, in you depleting to spend it and fast as you can for me, in you putting me right back at a poverty level as to where I already was before I even got it, which is not going to happen. I am doing for my kids all I can do by circumstances. You say you can’t get ten pounds of potatoes in a five pound bag, well tina by the poverty level of your imposed circumstance, you can’t tell me of my conditions to do something over and above the limits of what I can do, and you expect for me to do it because you said so, and then you deny me my kids because I can’t meet your demands. That is the same as telling a crippled man in a wheel chair if he loves his daughter, he will get up, walk, and go get her a glass of water and bring it back to her, and if you don’t get up and walk to go get the glass of water, I will take your wheelchair away from you, and leave you there on the floor till you do get up and find your way in what I said… WOMAN YOU ARE INSANE… I will be here for my kids… I will just let the cards fall where they may, there is nothing I can do to suit what you are asking…

For the record and just for me to speak for Jimmy, is that he don’t even have a drivers license, you had it taken away from him, you are ridiculous of what you are even asking of him in the fashion in which you are asking it. You are not only affecting his life by demand, but Carrie’s too, as she will have to synchronize her life with Jimmy’s just to meet your ends so he won’t lose getting to see his kids… YOU ARE ONLY CRUSHING US, ALL OF US, THERE IS NO LOGIC IN ANYTHING YOU ARE ABOUT… JUST FLAT OUT THREATENING TO TAKE OUR KIDS FROM US AT WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR OUR LIVES…and doing it without reverence right in front of Tyler and Kenzie in treating them like stupid kids. I guess really I should thank you for a force of realization, they see you, I thank God for it, so thank you for us even if we suffer.

In the mirror, this is all going to fall back on you. It is unbelievable that you can be so arrogant to think that by the character of your way alone that you can’t be taken down in its due time. The law really doesn’t even have to apply, but it will within the checks and balances of things. It’s been a long road, but growing greater and stronger in the Lord everyday…

I need a confirmation from you on where I am, in how and when I will see my kids this summer? They are not happy with you. We had plans Wednesday already to start going to the State Park and to take their friends. And had to cancel because of your insanity. So let me know what your end result is?

Roxie << from a just serving mad daughter]

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