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2013-06-17 00:36:23 (UTC)

#2 An act made against me instead of a reponse to letter #1

June 17, 2013

To Roxie and Jimmy (ex-husband),

Summer time is here and the ballgame has ended and now it is time for training. The only thing we can do is make it about Tyler and MacKenzie, as much as we wouldlike to please you, it is impossible. “live or die”, “sink or swim”, we’re not going to do it anymore.

This is intended to give each of you more quality time with your children and it make it fair and equitable for both. At the same time accomplishing what we feel is critical for Tyler and Mackenzie. Starting today, responsibility comes before rights, this is all about your taking responsibility.

They have horses of which much time, money and sweat, theirs and ours have been invested. They made a promise to us before we ever started that they would do whatever is necessary for them to have this training and to have their horses. They have accomplished a lot and have gone way beyond what most kids would or could do in the length of time. They have made a commitment and now they must follow thru. They must take responsibility, not only for their pleasure but for their safety. It will not work on a hit and miss situation. We cannot do the physical work anymore, plain and simple. Sellling the horses is not an option, we do have other options but we want talk about that today. The three days (listed below in another paragraph) have to be in order as this is what the horses need to stay desensitized.

The most important thing that I hear and see in their eyes is. “WATCH ME”, will you stay and “WATCH ME”, or are you coming to “WATCH ME”. Now, this is what has to happen from now on. They crave having someone they love and that love them to watch them. Everyone craves this.

You say you love them, well, it’s time to put the WORK where your mouth is. Here is the plan and we intend to follow it completely. Each of you will get three days in a row, every other week, two Saturdays and Sunday not included in each month. The days of the week will be decided by their schedule, as they are very busy kids and there is a vacation on the horizon and that will change things some. This next week the days will be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Who starts this next week will be to whoever contacts us first and says I want this week. We will give you heads up every week. All past that’s my time or my day or my weekend is, that’s over. It is now Tyler and Mackenzie day and their day it will be. Any time planned beyond the three days will be in a direct proportion to your will to work with them, learn the training and know as much about what they are doing as they do. Then if this happens, if they are willing then we are willing. You have heard me say you can’t get ten pounds of potatoes in a five pound bag, well, I can’t but maybe you can.

We are inviting you to show your love to them. Come and WATCH them, WORK with them, learn everything they know, let them teach you, help them to do this work. You need to know more about this training than they do, so you can teach them. How, we have video’s that takes you step by step over and over again. Will it be hard? YES, it will be hard. This will only be a small taste of what they do on a day to day basis. LOVE IS HARD, They have stalls to muck, horse manure to rake and they need help. It’s your turn.

Jimmy, I know you have to work, but you don’t work all day, so when you get off work on your days, then you have several hours before dark and they have a DVD that must be watched each day before or after training. This can be watched after dark. Will you be tired, yes you will, but what else is new. Life is hard, especially with kids. The reward will be worth it. We will help during the day if you are working, but we will not do the five hours for you. That is your job. If you can’t do it then you will miss that week.

Roxie, you and kids are welcome to stay at Pine Log. Bring your clothes and stay all three days if you want to. You say you want family well this is your opportunity, when you start taking responsibility you will be surprised how quickly your rights will be there. Roxie, Tyler is already working on plans to build a pen for Reble.

Tyler is driving and we are totally responsible for him in this. Jimmy, I clearly explained to you that Tyler was to drive with no one the first three months. Immediately, you allowed Tyler to drive and put him in a position where it was hard for him to say “No”. This is teaching Tyler rebeliion and to violate his conscience. Then, you told Roxie that you knew nothing about it, which caused a stir with her. I know that possibly you don’t understand, but your other option in this is to buy him a truck or car, put it in your name and you take control total responsibility for him. I would appreciate it if you would get this straightened out. Once the three months have passed, then we will need a copy of the driving license and insurance for whoever is with Tyler when he is driving.

Jimmy the past Sunday when came home from church, immediately after lunch, Kenzie spent maybe an hour with her mom, Tyler went to bed. When Kenzie came home she went to bed and they slept until a few minutes before you called. It had to be six or seven O’clock. Tyler thought it was Monday and could not believe it was still Sunday. We planned to take them to work horses but it was raining here. Ya’ll have a behind the scene opinion that one has a little more than the other, well what happens next now, will be earned plain and simple.
Please note that the other days of the week are Tyler and MacKenzie’s and will only be considered when you are found faithful in the above. This next week is upon us, so you and Roxie talk. Send me an email and I will confirm with Tyler and Mackenzie.

Communication is critical, and when the kids are away we do expect them to email us and keep us informed. The reason for the days next week is that kenzie has plans on Tuesday and that is why each week maybe different. If you want me to explain anything feel free to call, but any answer will come by email and copy to you both, this is both ways.

WE have done the best we know how, we are very sorry for anything we have done to hurt you and it has never been intentional. We have all made a lot of mistakes, but this is life and we can’t hold on to it. The past is history and we cannot go back. We only want to go forward. Tyler and Mackenzie deserve FORWARD. Dear God, please lay down the hate, bitterness, whinning, and blaming. You are both adults, you are both parents. ACT LIKE IT. We tell the kids we are not your parents, we are a substitute and cannot fulfill your roll, not even close. They need you desperately. We love you both very much and hope this summer will be the best the kids have ever had and the beginning of something wonderful for them and you.
You want to raise your kids, then I need to hear your say, “I want to raise my kids and I am going to do everything possible to make that happen”

Jimmy, You will need to show a minimum of six months that you can support your children. Three months of this needs to be with your showing that you can take care of them during the school year on a daily basis.

Roxie, you will need to work for six months and complete your case plan. You have already shown that you can take care of them during them school year and have been more than willing to do this.

Then petition the court and we will be there with the kids cheering you on. Yes!!!!!!

God bless,

Bob and Tina << tyrannical parents]


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