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2013-06-18 18:45:56 (UTC)

An old Friend

So I had a best friend in High School. Her name was Murrium. She and I were super nerdy in high school. She was the loud girl that wanted to be friends with everybody but was so awkward that people laughed at it and became fake with her. I was the really quiet one that was anti social and a complete bookworm. Anyways we bonded pretty quickly and I honestly had fun with her. She moved we talked less and less and in university or college we just stopped talking. Recently I have been trying together in touch with her, but she keeps ignoring me. I honestly think she dropped out of the topped University because she couldn't handle the load and became embarrassed. Well the university I applied for this September she somehow is going to the same one a swell. Honestly I am hurt that she would ignore me like this. I am an understanding person, I already know what shes hiding, its stupid!!

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