my friend ana
2013-06-18 17:55:54 (UTC)

calories 2

i lost 3 pounds yesterday really happy gotta keep it up

12:57 148 calories of animal crackers
4:33 small piece of fried avocado sooo mad tht idk the cals i'm going to say 30
5:26 555 calories 3 pieces of pizza

i'm not eating anymore today was pretty good i ate 733 calories a little more than yesterday put i'm proud since i'm new at this
this week my limit will be 740 calories under that every day
next week i'll do 600 i'll do 600 for maybe 2 weeks
then i'll do 550 then 500 idk if i wanna go under 500 yet
nvm that i ate way too much tomarrow i will eat under 500 i hate myself it's the second day i shouldn't have eaten more then the first i'm such a pig i hate myself i just ate about 6 more pieces of fried avocado tomarrow no more then 400 calories and i can't throw it up i hate myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok i ate again chocolate banana cake i wish my sister couldn't cook soooo well i hate myself FAT DAY!!!i ate probably 500 calories in cake and milk ugh!!!!!!!!!! like no food tomarrow under 300 calories i hate myself!!!!!!!!!

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