wet blanket
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2013-05-17 13:28:25 (UTC)


So if the girl you like likes one directio it's all good but if I like pop punk suddenly it's bad and it was better when we liked the same music. What the fuck I never said I didn't like post hardcore anymore.
I listen to pop punk because it keeps me in a good mood but it's not helping now because I'm pissed off
I hate how much of a big deal music taste is in our group. I've stopped myself from judging people by what music they listen to , but jacob and connor are like horrible about it and it makes me feel like shit.
The fact that it's winter makes it so much harder to stay happy because the weather is so miserable, and it makes me feel miserable. I know I'm probably making a big deal about it but to think I've changed because I don't always listen to post hardcore is bullshit.
It's like if you don't listen to the bands they listen to then they make you feel like an outcast. I don't think they understand how shitty it makes me feel I'm done with trying to live up to their fucked standards.
Done with all this judgement.

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