wet blanket
2013-04-30 20:54:01 (UTC)

Back Again

Funny how I start writing entries as soon as winter starts again
This seasonal affective disorder is really getting to me, I had a break down in my room just knowing winter was on its way. I can't handle it, not again. What if i don't make it to 2014, what if I can't handle these three months, what if I give in.
Liam believes in me, I can add another three months, I can try. It's just so much harder in winter. Schools back and wow I can hardly get up in the morning.
It's the same thing every week, that people have done hundreds of times before me and it seems like it will last forever. I feel like my existence is pointless most of the time.
Liam sometimes makes me feel really shitty though, it's like I try so hard to help him but he pushes me away and idk its seriously makes me feel terrible.
And it terrifies me how easily I become upset and my whole night can turn bad.
I feel like I'm getting into that "I just want to sleep all the time habit.
That's it for now, probably be back soon with more bad news.

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