my friend ana
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2013-06-17 15:04:29 (UTC)


2013 june,17 monday

hello anyone who's reading this i am overweight and i'm going pro ana and this is where i will record all my calorie intakes i'm putting it online publicly to encourage me not to eat becuz other ppl can see what i eat wish me luck tip me if ur doing the same we can get through it together i am actually overweight and i hope to be able to stop when i'm not i am 141 pounds i hope to be like 132 by the end of this week then 120 then 110 then 100 then i'll be a little underweight for my age and i'll stop there hopefully

11:05 a.m. 60 calorie mini donut
12:01 p.m. 150 calorie bowl of cereal; ate 2, 1 inch pieces sour candy i don't know how much they were but they were really small i'm counting them as 10 calories together really small
2:55 p.m. 60 calorie slice of cantaloupe
5:11 p.m. 270 calories 5 chicken nuggets with sauce idk how many calories i'm guessing 30
i ate some crumbs but it was kinda alot so i'm adding 20 calories
idk what time 190 calorie serving size bowl of icecream
around 9 40 calorie cookie
apple 95 calories
i ate about 715 calories i know i'm weak very weak i'll try harder tomorrow i hate myself 4 that but i'm a beginner i will and can be a thinspiration

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