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2013-06-17 10:32:19 (UTC)

6/17/13 Mon

it's 3:30. he doesn't reply my wechat or pick up my call. i'm so fed up with this. i can't go on living like this anymore. he is 21, he is not willing to change nor can he. why force someone to become someone else. just like when i was going out when i was with phil. he couldn't change me. too much pain being with him like this. maybe i should just get my own apartment, move out, instead of waiting for him at home everyday. i just have to be hard on myself because i can't lie or cheat. either love me and we have a happy life or i find a guy to love me and make me happy. this is too hard.

he didn't bring key. he is still out so late knowing i would get mad, knowing i have to wait on him to open the gate. i love him but i can't take this. i just have to un-love him.

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