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2013-06-17 08:58:30 (UTC)

6/16/13 Sun

got up. he needed to go to Costco to buy gloves for cut. got ready. i learned over the years that i should dress up everyday when i'm out despite the time of getting ready and the troubles of taking off makeup. it really brighten my mood if i look pretty and ppl look at me. well, not to be the center of the attention, more like being beautiful and attractive.

home stayed a while before went to Fremont. we r so in love this week except Sat night's incident. i stayed home doing whatever i do. text him before 1, he is at mj house again. i got pissed but quickly calmed down. he explained and at least he is trying to be better.

yun 升了官. it really has nothing to do with me. all i get from him is some good food and nice hotel i don't care much about. no nice gifts or real cash. maybe have a baby with him? better off with some rich guy here. cant ask money. huh? don't know. maybe one day i get my investment back.

been watching a lot of youtube lately. really want to decorate my house better. been thinking about going to beauty school and work for a few years and open my own. also interested in buying and selling houses. i could do a lot of things besides shitty pr. just need to start and stick to it.

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