2013-06-16 01:10:31 (UTC)

6/15/13 sat

Got home pisseed he want go back to fd party. But he came home in one hr so wasnt too bad. He wont let me come to sf or go hang out with alex. He canr with me. Late for appt. Re scheduled to 4. Downtown change band. I like thr pink. Shopped a lil. Back to hair salon. Cancelled on alex again cuz he does not like it. Alex is mad im sure especially after seeing my pic of watch band. No fight with him these days. Pick up wok from yung. Bought taco for him. Pick up prius. Not happy someone drove my car. Home planned to go ruby but a customer booked room. He got mad when I deleted some nobody wechat. Wont let me go work. Or he want go folsom. I couldn't find a dress. Too fat now. Already 10:30. So im pissed too decided not go. He is staying at home too. Had makeup sex. Gonna try the new wok. I think im quitting pr for good for now.