Just being here..
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2013-06-14 00:13:16 (UTC)

Starting off.

I'm 16 and my life is more chaotic that I would ever imagine. I'm not ugly nor am I gorgeous. I have the sweetest guys after me but none of em are the tall sexy thing I want.


Last summer I spent every moment on a guy who was on business( we will call him pilot) and would be back in the fall. My mom told him to never talk to me again so that ended.

Then I met bad boy. He was everything to me (including my first). He ended up cheating and wrecking my world.

Then it all went downhill... I went from to church every Sunday to never.

T bird is what we'll call the next. He was emotionally there for me after bad boy. He was my second.

Thug is what we'll call my third. He's super cute and all. But he's emotionally unavailable.

My fourth was voted most likely to be a pimp so that's what we'll call him. He was just for fun.

Now we're up to two days ago.... PILOT CAME HOME AFTER LEAVING AGAIN. he was here for a few days. Finally after a year of wanting to.. He was my fifth!

Now I know to be 16 5 guys is a lot... But it's complicated.