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2013-06-13 12:06:00 (UTC)


So Quinn was on my bus to Cedar Point. And he was of course sitting next to Jordan. And it was annoying me. He kept rubbing her back, and blushing, and talking and giggling with her. And blah blah blah. I wanted to punch them both in the face. That is, until Max came up and sat next to me. Well, not next to me. Across the isle next to my friend Mary. But we got to talking. And we had a couple things in common. And then we had a few of these eye-down-giggling-contest things. They were funny. And he would laugh, or smile, and something in me would light up. I don't know what it is about him that makes me so happy, but there's definitely something there. I kept telling myself to stop thinking about him that way, but I couldn't. I knew he could never like me, and I would just end up getting myself hurt if I kept thinking, but my heart was doing the thinking, not my brain.
My friends and I rode a couple rides with him and his friends once we got to the park, but at that time I wasn't really thinking about him erotically. I mean, I knew he was attractive. Of course I did, look at him. How could you not notice that I mean c'mon now. But anyways. He was wearing one of his friends shirts cause he got something on his or something. So he bought a shirt to change into so he could give the shirt back to his friend. Well, anyways I was expecting him to go into the bathroom or something to change. But nope! That's not how Max rolls. He just took off his shirt right there, in the middle of the park. And I have to tell you, I got turned on a little bit. He has the most perfect body. And I just wanted to go down on him right there.
Okay. Well, that's not even the best part. The best part was after we got back from the park. I got into my car with my mom, and my phone vibrated. I looked at it, and it was from Max. He text me and said "Hey it was fun talking to you on the bus and I had a great time(:" and I said "Thanks! I had a great time too(:" and he said "I'm glad you did" and I said "Yeah, we should definitely hang out soon!" Let I mind you, that I didn't really expect him to hang out with my I just said that because there was really nothing better I could think of to start conversation. But, anyways he said "Yeah that would be pretty awesome! Our moms are like best friends now so it would be easy to set something up." And I was like "Haha, right!" And then the conversation continued and ended just as any other conversation between two friends would. Until the next day. I text him first just saying "Hey" and then we started a conversation and he asked me to a movie and to go on a jog with him, and swimming and all the good stuff. Then he asked me if I wanted the stuffed cow that he had that I was absolutely obsessed with. It was adorable, and had big eyes. And he said I would look cute with it, and we could all cuddle together, and I would put it to better use. And, yeah. He's such a sweetheart.
I don't think I've liked someone this much since Drew. And that's a big shocker for someone I started talking to not too long ago.
I'm happy(:

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