story of my life
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2013-06-11 00:24:51 (UTC)

A Girl with lovely eyes 3

HEY DIARY I AM HERE again , so.. wht is my propose to write this? hope you will read this all ..one day!! but i am not sure whn it was.. maybe you dont hv an opportunity to read this ? let look for good .

ok.. let talk abt star-scope ..hmmm
mine ( pieces ) : venus, goddess of love activated in your angle of love and romance has to be a good start to the week. if love can laugh at locksmiths, surely it can organise a matinee for you when you have such good stars for love.

yup its mine ... its 100% true .. i fall in love with one girl..but not propose to her yet... lets say, she is my 1st and last love.. i will never fall in love with anyone before .. i am so crazy abt her..

everytime i talk with her on phone .. i feel so happy.. i want hug her so hard .. because i love her so much ...

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