The Real Me
2013-06-07 22:13:26 (UTC)

Fake girls.

My life is just sedatoryat the moment.... im bored. Ive been on facebook looking through some random bitches profiles...these people are so fake. Theres some with money and flashing shit about, then theres others who think they are so so hot. Why cant you just be normal bitch? Must you be liking every damn designer shoe/bag/outlet. I would love to see a girl who likes game of thrones like me, or playing video games...or just ...anything DIFFERENT. I guess this is why I love those girls who love nature...I feel like I can relate to them and their "natural" ways, they are kinder, more genuine, have more depth and look beyond social norms. We are filled with thick annoying screechy women..we seriously are. Never thought I Would say this but sometimes im glad that I am the way I am, and the way I look. I may be an idiot but thats because im too kind...too caring...too empathetic and lend my heart alot, im not materialistic, well not that much anyway...and im odd but a breath of fresh different and maybe being an absolute weirdo and an absolute clutz isnt such a bad thing? Atleast imnot a carbon copy of all these girls.