2013-06-06 15:08:28 (UTC)

My Reoccuring Nightmare .

My parents left me alone for the night to go to the Lake which is 3 hours away . It was just me and my dog Budwine alone in my big house. i can hear someone trying to break in , but for some reason Budwine doesn't bark.. i hit the alarm and ran into the restroom . before i could lock the door a man in a long , black jacket appears . He grabs my ankle and drags me. then i see why my dog wasnt barking because he killed him on the way in.
Suddenly we appear at an old , rustick mall. he threw me into a storage closet and i look around and saw another girl , about my age . we came up with a plan to runaway . we decided that when he let us out we would run opposite directions so he would only catch one of us and when he'd tried to get the other one the one he already caught would get away.
When he took us out of the closet , i saw a dark forest . i was thinking that if i ran in there he would never find me . so i waved my hand to hit his face , as i hit him the other girl ran off when he got distracted trying to run after her i ran into the forest . i didnt stop until i slipped on a branch and was too exhausted to get up. then i started worrying about the other girl. i felt guilty she may have not gotten away like i did.
All of a sudden i hear a branch snap. my heart was pounding so hard that my chest hurt.i could feel him getting closer.. then the girl pops out and says we need to keep running , so we ran for a long time until we saw a highway , not sure where we were we started to run on the shoulder. we saw a bright light in the distance , thinking it was safety and a way to get home we ran in front of it to stop it .
when it stopped , we were scared of what would come out of that truck. not thinking , the other girl got right in and it turns out , it was the man in the long , black jacket , so i ran back into the forest and hid behind a huge oak tree . then i hear the roar of his truck and i can feel the ground rumbling. it was him. i stayed hidden , but he hit the tree i was hiding behind and killed me.