Giving in
2001-10-10 12:42:26 (UTC)

another day another dollar...

her i am again sitting at work early in the
morning...nothing really happened yesterday, jimmy called
and needed me to work for him yesterday so i went to
staples after i was done here at this job. i sold some
warantees, not nearly enough and didn't get a quarter of
the load done. not that i wasn't working the whole time i
was there. there were a lot of customers. more than
billy, my department lead, thought there were going to be i
guess. the store was slow all day apparently. in any
event, zach was supposed to call me about the apartment and
tell me when we are going to move in, but i guess he forgot
or something cause he didnae call. when i called him, i
never got through. i talked to rachel the other night.
she was going to be jimmy and my roomate for this place.
she dcided that she was going to drop out and not move
out. so yesterday i was talking to my friend pj and told
him the story and he said he wanted to move in with us, and
i was like score. so, now we have a third again. i am
really excited about a couple things. first, the fact i'm
going to have an apartment, and second this saturday i am
going to hang out with kateri down at u. of penn. in the
city. i'm not sure how today is going to go, hopefully i
can talk to zach and pj and i can go look at the place.
well that is about all i can think of right now...