The Real Me
2013-06-05 15:07:05 (UTC)

Killed it.

Wow that got killed nicely. So I went to the gym and realized Anser is an idiot...why oh killed everything...he went from attarctive to fool. He would probably he an ok friend but heres my analysis of him even as a friend; someone who acts like an idiot, always wants praise and approval, extremely immature, has barely any ambition and acts a fool, bores easily, someone who doesnt follow through on his word and someone who would easily stand up anyone, he lacks priority or direction. LOL harsh I am...but I also a damn good judge of character after all the shit Ive been through. He will see a hot girl and swoon around like a puppy till he has her approval and then up and leave..only because he craves APPROVAL. "sigh"