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2013-06-04 03:45:36 (UTC)

6/3/13 Monday

Still had hopes when he texted me saying he loves me and he didn't do anything. Text him but he didn't reply. Couldn't fall asleep when I'm alone in the house. Stayed up the whole night finally went to sleep. Was planning on getting on the right track but he is really disturbing me these days. I can't stand a man 冷落我, dumping me. What happened to my plan of using him? I can't stand loving a person and not getting love back. He is really my karma?
Went to office. Kept calling him he even thinks I'm bothering him now. Bestbuy couldn't exchange the ripped cord so bought a new one.
Home. Cooked 烫饭。he came back to drop off soup for me. I was happy but he made it clear nothing more. 他到底什么意思。是要不要跟我继续? Keep being sad for the whole night. He can't give me happiness only sadness.

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