I Don't Know To Be Honest
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2011-10-17 05:29:44 (UTC)

busy day

I didnt get to write today because of school. We had a PTM and i didnt get home until 6. Now its 630 and were on our way to eat. We would eat at home, but, i have a volleyball game tonight! Were almost to Ocharlies, so I'll talk about my game when i get home.

We won our game! All 3 matches!
I am so worried. In spanish two of Danis friends sat with me. Theyre alot nicer than Dani. My friend Nydia also sits at my table. I thought it was nydia talking to me, but it was actually Kira! She invited me to her birthday party! (remember i thought this was Nydia talking) and she said," should i invite Dani to my party?" And i just said plain out NO!!! I was studying and wasnt paying much attention to my surroundings, and Jenae asked me why i dont like Dani and i just shrugged my shoulders. Kira asked the same question to Catie and Catie said no also, so if Kira goes and tells Dani what i said about
her, Caties going down with me!!!!

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