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2013-05-29 01:04:39 (UTC)

Road splits into 2

You have a single lane road ahead of you and you plan meticulously, paying attention to details. All your life you walk along this single lane refining your plans as you journey along into the unknown.
If suddenly without any warning you get to a point where the road splits into two then you will have to take stock, discard all the single lane plans, look back in fond memories but more importantly analyse what’s in front of you and make the right decision on which path to follow…turn left or right….

In the last few days I have been going through old email correspondence between my wife and I trying to gather enough information to support the stance I will take during the mediation process which is that I do not owe her any money when. Moreover I have to go and see my lawyers in 2 days’ time so I need to have done all my home work as to what I plan to say and do during the mediation as I need to go through this with my lawyers. Going back to the emails, I was very sad as I went through them. The correspondence did not show 2 folks in a marriage. A lot of exclamation marks and why did you do this, why didn’t you do that, do this, do that. Tenderness, teasing or banter was few and far between. Psychologically I think going through the emails has definitely made my mind up for me. I can’t go back to that kind of relationship. I have definitely moved on and grown in terms of what I want to experience in a relationship. I feel much better about the split now and looking forward to my single life again. I hope to spend the time growing to become a better human being. I really do wish her well and I hope for the sake of the children we remain cordial in our relationship. One day (hopefully) I would be ready for another relationship (I hope so). In the meantime we need to see through this tough time of mediation and separation. It’s not going to be easy but , that’s life.