Fortune Teller
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2013-05-28 19:52:14 (UTC)

It's been messy these times

I don't know where I am at.

I love him so much, like a big affection. We're not even official. Whatever what we had between us, it is non existent anymore.

I need to breathe.

He needs me to let go.
I can't stop loving me, when he obviously stopped to. Thus, I can't deny my feelings.
I mean, my brain can't follow my heart. They're having a fight, they keep saying opposite things.

One day, you may understand how I feel, when you'll fall in love with another girl, who won't be me. When you'll care more than her, and she will never love you back like I used to.

No one will love you like I do.

One day, I'll get over you. I truly do. Because I'm so sick. At this time, only my feelings have stayed. I keep pretending that you will change, someday. I keep promising to myself, that this will be the last time. Last time, that I let you hurt me.

I am a bad liar.

I truly adore you.