2013-05-28 08:11:03 (UTC)

5/25/13 Sat

he went to work, i stayed home whole day. he came back to drive me to work. who knew what's gonna happen after work. had 3 tables, everything was good until i got in the car. don't remember what i did or said. he was so mad at me at home. crashed the mirror, broke my phone again for the 2nd time. threw tron out, tried to kick me out too. i went inside from bedroom door. called his cousin to come but what could he do? i was gathering my things and was gonna go back to daly city then i realized why i being mistreated and got thrown out from my own house? so i went back in and went to bedroom to sleep. so cold and had to turn on heater to get warm. worried for tron but i was drunk and couldn't go find him. my poor tron. not mammy get this shit from a guy, you have to bear too.