2013-05-28 07:58:26 (UTC)

5/26/13 Sunday

today is one of the worst days in my life to remember. for the first time, i'm being treated by a guy like this. prob karma?

woke up at 1. trying to talk to him but he was still a mad man. he asked me if i want go buy phone. at first i won't talk to him but then i thought, why 跟义气用事,went with him to verizon. i wanted to do insurance claim, was given a sim card to use on htc thunderbolt. but he said just get one. needed to wait for a long time, he won't wait so gave me 1000, told me to buy a phone myself. drop me off at home then left. he should have gone to oakland.

i went outside looking for tron but couldn't find. knocked on neighbor door was told tron was bothering them. also told me to ask for help from the lady Saron something. she said she will be looking out the emails for me to see if anyone picked him up. then went to tell neighbor she should pay for the damage but she won't and said just sue her. was gonna go office to use phone to call claim but the lady came over and said the animal control ppl prob picked him up. also was nice enough to lend me her phone.

took a while to get the phone working. called eric, phil--proven to be a mistake, i always forget he is an asshole. was still feeling so bad and felt lost and helpless. i hate this feeling, i should remember this feeling and never let myself get into this kind of situation again. i need to get it back at him by getting his money. he damaged my stuffs, hurt my heart, money can solve!

told jack too. he is much better than phil. well, he is only a good listener versus phil making fun of me and feeling good at bad karma. fell asleep after.