2013-05-28 07:46:28 (UTC)

5/27/13 Mondy

he came back after 2. sleeping on the couch again. i'm too tired to talk to him. slept a lot of hours. woke up at noon, he went to work.

a lil relieved i've synced calendar. but still lost memo and task. still feeling mistreated and regret being with him. trying to think what i should do. decided to get back at him. at least wait until i get my money back and have him support me while i make my life transition.

cooked kimchee, bacon was bad. the wok or the stove is not good. started watching bao qing tian.

he came back. i was inside buying stuffs on VS and watching the show. he went back out, i called him. he said he was getting soup and coming back. talked to him for hours but he would't give any feedback like always. he won't admit he did wrong on tron. i don't think he even feel sorry for what he did to me. i told him everything on my mind but he just don't say anything. i can not communicate with him. i don't know how to be with him. remember, i just wait for my money back and use him. because i'm already very dissapointed and my heart is dead for him. he got pissed, left. i called him and he said he will be back

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