I Don't Know To Be Honest
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2011-10-16 06:37:39 (UTC)


Im so bored. Its sunday morning at 8:08. I cant wait until tonight. Some of my favorite shows are coming on! I'll talk about all my favorite shows. So first I'll talk about my favorite channels. I like TLC, Disney Channel, and Nick. My all time favorite show is Spongebob, of course. Then I like all the disney shows that are on like Ant Farm, Jessie, Prankstars, Shake it Up, and So Random. So Randoms my favorite Disney show! Then TLC has Toddlers and Tiaras. I love Mackenzie Myers and Eden Wood! Then Nick has Icarly and Victorious. I love Victorious! I forgot about Wizards of Waverly Place. I only watch that show because of Selena Gomez. Shes so funny! I would probably still watch it without selena, but i dont think it would be as fun to watch. I love Selena Gomez! I think she should write a book like Miley Cyrus. Selenas would be more interesting, I think. All Mileys was about was when she did cheerleading and was thrown into trashcans in middle school. I still like Miley somewhat, though. Im kinda sad Hannah Montana went off.
I forgot about Good Luck Charlie!! Oh my gosh!! I love that show!! How did i forget!!

Im watching my favorite movie! Its called Ponyo. Its a cute little Japanese version of The Little Mermaid. I like Ponyo better!

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