I Don't Know To Be Honest
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2011-10-14 06:05:51 (UTC)


AAAHHH!!! I dont want to go back to school! I hate having to deal with people like Dani, Russell, and Kyle. For some reason, Ive set a special place in my heart for hating Kyle. Hes a dirty minded sicko. I know im not supposed to hate people, but its hard NOT to hate kyle. Now I'll talk about Dani. If she ever read this, she would not be so mad about me wanting to slap her everytime i look at her, but she would be mad about me "mispelling" her name. Shes made this rule about her name: If youre writing her name, its danielle, but when youre talking to her its dani. What if i dont FEEL like writing out Danielle everytime i mention her? She freaked out today when Mr.W wrote Dani instead of danielle. The chick sickens me. Now i'll talk about Austin. Ive always not liked Austin, but when i really started to think of him as an animal is when him, Dani, and I had to be paired up for social studies, and he kept touching Danis butt and saying some really gross stuff. I kind of feel sorry for Dani because everyone thinks shes.... uhhh.... dirty... I dont want to say the word i should use...... but anyways, Austin was like hey Dani beep beep beep.... I dont even like to write it! Heres something that Jesse said to make it more clear about the point im trying to make. It was the very beginning of the year, we were in band class. Dani plays the clarinet. When her turn came, it squeaked really loud. Then i heard Jesse say to his little buddy, " she plays the clarinet like she beep beep beeps!" Does that make it clear? Im trying to keep it PG here! So my dilemma is that Danis a total snake, but i feel sorry for her becuase the way she gets talked about. I hate mixed emotions! AHHHH!!!
*NOTE FROM MAY 2013* hi its present me ok i couldve saved so much space if i wouldve just came right out and said that Dani was a slut and if ur wondering what jesse said it was she plays the clarinet like she sucks dick so yeah back to the entry bye

im scared! Theres been some drama about who gets what of my Grandmas! Most of the drama came from my Grandmas husband-- hes not my grandpa. my real grandpa died years ago. Anyways, he accused my mom of stealing my grandmas checkbook. He told my dad he swears to God my mom took it and my dad told him not to swear to God. Then, he told my Aunt Karin that he was gonna shoot my dad! Aunt karin told My cousin Patrick, then Patrick told Uncle Steve, then Unlce Steve told Aunt Holly, then Aunt Holly told my mom. Im afraid he'll come over here and shoot us all! My mom told me he was losing his mind because of so much anxiety and also beacuse hes really old. Im still scared!!

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