I Don't Know To Be Honest
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2011-10-11 05:46:29 (UTC)

Headed home

Were on the road, heading for home. Im so bored! I have nothing to do. Actually, i have plenty to do like play on my ipod , watch a movie, or even sleep, but im so bored because i cant move around. I wish we had an RV, Ive asked both mom and dad, but noooo, we cant afford it, we have to be stucl with a stupid minivan.
I also hate the highway. All you see is trees, road, cars, signs, and dead things. I wish my dad could find a route for the way home where we go through cities and towns. The most exciting thing on our 8-hour ride is stopping at gas stations, or if a wreck happened. I do like driving through Atlanta, though.