I Don't Know To Be Honest
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2011-03-17 03:57:26 (UTC)

Charlottes Web

At 9:00, were going to the auditorium to see the play version of Charlottes Web! I went to a play in kindergarten. I think it was called the hungry caterpillar, and we saw if you give a mouse a cookie. Im supposed to be studying science, but im not. Boo hoo. I really dont have much to say. Well last night my sister told me something really sad. She told me when Uncle Joe died Aunt Kay was saying, " No, Joe! Dont leave me! We had so many plans!" I wanted to cry then.
I also found out that Ellie isnt going to a public school.( she was supposed to). Shes actually going to Oakes Academy. Its a charter school. Im gonna try to get in.
I dont know if i should participate in Fine Arts this year. Two years ago in 3rd grade i won the spelling bee, science fair, and poetry. I dont think ill participate. Ill just do whats required.(Choir) Well, I might do Bible memory. I dont know, though.

After charlottes web
The play was cool. We were the only ones who werent Kindergarteners or 1st graders. They dimmed the lights and everyone screamed! Cant write right now...

After lunch and PE
At PE Lena wore her sperrys, so she had to sit out. I was all alone because Savannah and Ellie were playing basketball, and im not very sportical. I just played volleyball with erika and Makayla.
I want to go HOME. Its 2:30 right now. Only 30 minuets of pure AGONY. Boring, boring, boring.
Last night i had a zit mishap. It was on my forehead and i popped it. It started bleeding so i put a stridex on it. I fell asleep with it on there and it got stuck on my forehead. yeah its not pretty.

After going to my sisters house
My sister picked me up from school and now were at Aunt Kays. Hannaleis being whiny and Rowan met a girl. An 8 month old girl. She was really cute! She was probably 10 pounds. (well, more than that, but im used to carrying heavy babies).
Now me, hanna, and Rowan are sitting in the car watching the adults socialize.

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