I Don't Know To Be Honest
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2011-03-15 23:38:11 (UTC)

Done with all my work

Im at school right now. Im done with all my work so i just decided to write. I went to the mall yesterday and almost got the second hole in my ear but there was only one lady there, so i didnt. I spent some of my birthday money on Webkinz. I got like 7. I still feel really bad for Aunt Kay. ( thats Uncle Joes wife). Time for PE gotta go!

After PE
PE was SO fun! We played a game called "honey, I love you, but please dont make me smile" its where you go up to someone and sit on thier lap and say the name of the game. Hayzes turn came, and he did it to Jona. It was SO funny! Instead of walking up, Hayze frog hopped over there, span around, shook his butt in Jonas face, turned back around, swung his leg around him, and sat down and said, " honey, I LOVVEEEE you, but PUHLEASE dont make me smile!!" IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!
Right now were doing Bible and Jona and Blake are doing the lesson. They have Hayze and Ellie blindfolded. Now hayze is trying to eat a twizzler on a string! Now El is! That was funny, but PE was funnier.

After lunch and Music class
Lunch was normal. At music Ms. mitchell told us we had to sing "somewhere over the rainbow" for Fine Arts. Thats gonna be a hoot! The 5th- 8th graders are singing that, and the 1st-4th graders are singing a veggie tales song called "I am a promise". one second...

In the car on the way home
I totally forgot that today was spring volleyball evaluations! My dad told me when i got in the car. and also we have to go to the funeral for uncle joe:(.

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