fuzzy life
2013-05-26 15:06:23 (UTC)

Buddha day

past 2 days had been very busy for me. Day before yesterday, I was missing a friend name yollum very very much. I'll tell you her story when I get time. She was one of the biggest lier I've ever seen but yet was so close to me. Her lies hurted me the most when she hid her problems to me and acted like everything was fine. Just forget it. I turn sad wheneva her topic pops out. So yesterday was buddha purnima also known as buddha day. Me and my friend manoshi along with her 2 neighbours went to the nearest gompa to devote buddha. I'm not a buddhist but I like all religion. I believe in one god, many names. JK. I went there 'cause they were distributing free junk foods and juice. :D
Btw me & my family except papa will go to Guwahati tomorrow. But its very hot there so I'm not at all happy by their decision. I wanna stay with papa.