My Thoughts Put Into Words
2013-05-25 07:25:39 (UTC)

An Introduction To My World

I am not much of a person who expresses his/her thoughts. I am more of the secretive type. Though I am a chatter box around my friends, I don't usually tell my story.

I am not good with words and writing stuffs. I just want to express myself. I want to tell my story in simple sentences. Easy to understand without getting confusions.

To be honest, I always wanted a place, or a site, to tell my story. It would be a place where a lot may read and know me, without them knowing my identity. Who knows? I may influence people with my story. ^_^

I am an engineering student. Though I took an engineering course, I am a girl, and no, I am not a lesbian; at least that's what I believe so- one thing I am not sure of. ^_-

That's all for now. I'll tell you more about my life with my incoming entries.

As I told you, I want my identity to be secret. I may or may not reveal it. That is one of the things I am not sure of as of this moment.

... For what you may call me, as for now, i prefer to be called... ELLE (ɛl)