I Don't Know To Be Honest
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2011-03-11 06:26:14 (UTC)

Back Home.

Were back home I forgot to write on the planes. We had to stay in a plane all night. It was a little miserable. I miss Alaska. Right now im at school with Fatwood screaming in our faces. Just out of pure randomness im gonna list all the kids in my class. Ill put a <3 beside my friends, a ._. beside people who are ok, and a big fat X by the people i want to kill. jona X, Savannah <3, Ellie<3, me, Lena<3, Justin._., Lily X, Dalton X, Jason._., Jay._., Lexi <3, Micheal._., Miranda._., Ann._., Makayla._., Drew._., Erika._., Blake ._., Hayley._., austin X, hayze X, Nikki ._., carly X, dillon._., Sarah M& Sarah S ._., Salina._., Justin X, and corey X. So yeah.
Right now were in Bible class. I only really like Bible when Mr. Brooks does it. We usually go to big chapel, but today mr. Brooks is is doing a sermon for 7th-12th graders. Yes, our class is combined from 3rd-6th grade. 3rd and 4th are one class and 5th and 6th are one class, but we normally do most things together. I love God and i love to go to church, but not school chapel. I am ( and my family and good friends) are pure, non-demoninational Christians. But these people who do big chapel are old fat guys in robes that will scream at you for 4 hours on end. They bring us in at 10:30 normally and usually get us out at 1 or 1:30. yes, they go over our lunch time screaming at us. They dont even talk about God. They talk about how humans are dirty beasts and only 2% of Christians are going to Heaven. They always ask why were talking or sleeping in chapel. If they see you dosing off, they pull your chair around and put you by yourself. my parents dont like this. Thats why im going to a public school next year. Tearsa used to go to a Christain school. She told me that the Christian school she went to had the most dramatic and cliquey girls, (Ive had problems like that) the worst teachers, and everything else. I think i need to stop writing now.