I Don't Know To Be Honest
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2011-03-10 06:06:38 (UTC)

leaving alaska today

Today were leaving at 5. I dont want to go back to school now. I just thought that since ive been gone, Lena and Ellie will be all bffs and stuff. There was something going on even before i left. Ellie is ALWAYS the captain of any sport we play at pe, and Ellie ALWAYS picks me, Lena, Savannah, and Lexi. But last time, for volleyball, MY sport, she picked lena, savannah, lexi, and LILY. So i had to be on the other team. I thought she gave me some kind of rude sneer, but i dont know. This all started when me, lena, savannah, and ellie had a sleepover. We all got to pick a movie to watch, and Ellie picked Eragon. Savvy and i are both babies and hate dragons, so we went into another room and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. THE WHOLE NIGHT Lena and Ellie were in there giggling. Just totally discluding us! Now were about to go to my uncles tire place to meet everyone. So Ill write more in the airport and on the plane. Ill write on each plane.
Rowans sick! He has a virus nobody can pronounce! He has bloodshot red rings around his eyes! its so sad!