I Don't Know To Be Honest
2011-03-08 05:59:53 (UTC)

STILL in alaska

Tomorrow were leaving at 5:05 PM. Were going to be on a plane overnight! I love airplanes. There so cool. When we were coming uo here, we went from SC, to DC, to San Fransisco, to Seattle, to Anchorage. This time were going from Anchorage to NYC to SC. Today when Tearsa gets home from school (she goes to a high class business school) were going sledding. Yesterday she got her photography in the mail. Shes such a good photographer! Well ,shes good at everything.
Im SO ready to go home. I like it here and everything, but i miss my webkinz and stuff. Today i had to do a report on Helen Keller for makeup work. Good thing I got it done, though. My moms watching a movie with her computer right now so i cant play webkinz. Cry cry cry.

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