I Don't Know To Be Honest
2011-03-07 05:26:10 (UTC)

Still in Alaska

Im so sad! I just find out that there going to stop making small signature webkinz, sig. endangered, pet of the month, AND webkinz jr!!! I was going to get Hannalei a webkinz jr. with my money. but whats the sense now?
Im actually excited to go back to school. I miss my friends. But i definitely DONT miss the stupid buttface boys. i mean, cant boys just grow up? Me,Lexi and Lena HAVE to sit with Jona and Hayze at lunch. (We have assigned seats). EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN DAY we have to sit with those stupid airheads. They order corndogs all the time. Theyll always ask you if you like corndogs or tacos. BLECH!!!! If you dont get what im saying you need to think a tad bit more. At lunch, they take the stick off the corndogs and stick them in the opposite way that it was in. Then theyll fling it around. They seem to make everything sound nasty. Like a few days ago Lena couldnt get the mustard out of the pack. So i gave her some words of motivation. "JUST SQUEEZE THE DANG THING!!!!" I said a little bit too loud. Jona and Hayze started bursting out laughing. Grrrr! Sometimes i want to take them by their ears, drag them to hawaii, and drop them in a STEAMING, HOT, SCORCHING, KILLING, BOILING volcano full of fresh off the grill lava. HA HA and HA! Their little girly screams wont be heard over the loudness of my evil laugh!!! MWAHAHAHA!! ( did i spell that right?) Well, ive gotten all my anger out for now. Were going to the store and the fur rondy for a while. Ill write later.

After what i thought was the fur rondy:
I heard my mom say something about the rondy, so i assumed we were going today. I totally forgot we went on my birthday. haha. So we just went to Pizza Hut and the post office. we stayed at the post office *forever*. My mom had to mail our souvenirs to our house and my grandmas beaver fur slippers my mom got her to her house. When we got back, I played on Webkinz, Youtube, and stardoll for a long time. Then i took a bath. I never do that. Their bathtub is really deep. It almost came to my neck! So, now im wet and very bored. Noones home except for me and my mom. I have no clue where the others are. Hopefully Tearsa will be home soon.

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